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16I cannot remember the balance on my Gift Voucher. How can I found it out?Multiple
17In what currencies can I purchase your products?Multiple
18What are the advantages of creating an Account at Betony Vernon Online Boutique?No Category
19What forms of payments do you accept?Multiple
20What if the real import duty or fees exceed the Import Duty and Fees Deposit I was charged?No Category
21What is a Gift Voucher and how can I use it?Multiple
22What is a Wishlist?Multiple
23What is Import Duty and Fees Deposit?No Category
24What is the special instruction box by every product?Products
25What is your return policy?Multiple
26What shipping method do you use?Multiple
27Where and how is your jewelry produced?Multiple
28Where can I find sizing information?Products
29Why am I not able to log in to my account? Forgot your password?Customers
30Why can’t I see the website properly?Multiple