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Gift voucher guide

Please read the Gift Voucher instructions carefully. A Betony Vernon Gift Voucher is a sexy way to please someone special. Gift Vouchers are available in 4 different values - scarlet, emerald, bronze and the highest value, gold. Please see the Gift Voucher Catalogue and choose the right one for you. On the Checkout page, simply add your personal message to the Gift Voucher and send it directly to the recipient´s email.

Purchasing a Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers are offered in following values:

In Euro: 100€ (scarlet), 200€ (emerald), 500€ (bronze) and 1000€ (gold). 

In USD currency: $100 (scarlet), $200 (emerald), $500 (bronze) and $1000 (gold).


Gift Vouchers can be purchased in the same way as any other product in our Boutique. Simply select a value in the Gift Voucher Catalogue by adding it to your Jewel Box. Before proceeding with payment, you will be asked to enter the recipient’s name, recipient’s email address, and a Personal Message. Select a payment option and proceed with payment. Once payment is complete the recipient will receive the unique Gift Voucher number by email, and the Gift Voucher can be used for their next Betony Vernon Online Boutique purchase.

If you wish to purchase two or more Gift Vouchers they will need to be purchased separately. This means you must select the Gift Voucher value for the 1st Gift Voucher and proceed with payment. Then go back to the Gift Voucher Catalogue and select the value of the 2nd (3rd and 4th and so on) Gift Voucher and proceed with payment.

If you would like to purchase a Gift Voucher that is for an amount not specifically offered, you may select a combination of these values making the amount you wish to purchase. For example select a Gift Voucher Value  $100, than one of $500, ano finally one for $1000 for a combined total of $1600 (the same for € values) and complete payment. The Gift Voucher will appear as a single Gift Voucher with a value of $1600 .

If you wish to give someone a printed Gift Voucher you can download the printable PDF version from the purchase confirmation email you receive once payment has been completed. To do this, click on the “Gift Voucher” link in your purchase confirmation email. The Printable PDF version will automatically download to your computer.

After doing that you must manually add the Gift Voucher´s value, recipient’s name and Gift Voucher number. In this case you have to enter your email address on the recipient’s email address so it will be you who will get the Gift Voucher code.

If you are buying more than one Gift Voucher in a single purchase, you will only receive one Gift Voucher number. 

When performing checkout, you will be asked by the system to fill in the shipping address. Please fill in the shipping information regardless of the delivery method you choose.

Gift Vouchers bought from our Online Boutique can be used to purchase goods on our website www.betonyvernon.com in the same currency the Gift Voucher is denominated in. 

Using Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers can be redeemed by any online purchase. You do not have to be registered to use a gift voucher. Insert the Gift Voucher number in the Gift Voucher field when checking out and click on update. Please note that we use two currencies in our Online Boutique (USD for our US customers and EUR for our European Union customers) and you can only use the Gift Voucher in the same currency it is denominated in.

If the purchased item´s value is lower than the Gift Voucher´s value, the remaining balance can be used for your next purchase. When you proceed to the payment page, please select Gift Voucher as the payment option.

If the purchased item´s value is higher than the Gift Voucher’s value, you will see the amount difference in the Total field. When you proceed with payment, please continue by selecting a payment option.

We do not give refunds on Gift Vouchers.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using our Contact form. The same applies if you cannot remember the balance remaining on your Gift Voucher (please state the Gift Voucher number in your email inquiry).

Please visit our Gift Voucher Catalog here.

Gift Voucher Guide

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