The Betony Vernon Brand

The Betony Vernon brand leverages the power of fashion, luxury and exclusivity in the sensual arena. It speaks to anyone who is appreciative of great design and who is curious about opportunities to enhance the quality of their most intimate relations, and therein, the quality of their lives in general.

Over the past 25 years Betony created themed collections featuring various jewelry designs and objects d’art . Inspired by her passion for alchemy, the world’s religions, art and literature she created her Classic, Fornasetti, and Talisman collections.

It was the Sado-Chic Collection however, first launched in 1992, that would come to signal a distinct turning point in her creative path. Vernon realized that the market did not consider the need to have objects of pleasure that were respectful to the sacred art of making love. She conceived that jewelry could fulfill this purpose; it could bestow a sensorial pleasure and encourage sensual exploration as well as please the eye. In spite of the obvious void in the market for luxury erotica at the time, Vernon evolved her concept for her own pleasure and that of a growing group of private collectors.

In 2001 Vernon decided to launch the Sado-chic inspired designs during Paris Fashion Week. She called the body of work ‘Paradise Found Fine Erotic Jewelry.‘ Vernon naively presumed that the retailers of the BV ‘Classic’ and 'Talismani' collections would embrace her erotic jewelry line, but it turned out that she was wrong. The outcome of the week was a disconcerting realization that not everyone viewed—at least not openly—the sensual experience as she did.

Vernon realized that in order to continue evolving the Paradise Found Fine Erotic collections she would need to integrate the role of education into the totality of her brand. She proceeded to develop a series of classes and in November 2002 she initiated her first group salon -- Bettering Your Sexual Skills -- at Soho House, London.  In 2013 her first book 'The Boudoir Bible – The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today' was published by Rizzoli international, making her philosophy of sexual awareness, well-being and empowerment accessible to a wider public.

Thanks to Vernon’s pioneering work in both the fields of design and sexology, Paradise Found Fine Erotic jewelry came to represent the heartbeat of the Betony Vernon Brand.

BV designs are distributed by select fine boutiques internationally, here online and through her private salon EDEN in Paris. To book an appointment please visit our Bespoke page.

All materials used in Betony Vernon creations are conflict free.  


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Betony Vernon by Raul Higuera in Paris boudoir Eden Sexual Anthropologist and designer