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Care instructions

All jewelry is handmade in Italy. 

Master goldsmiths handcraft all the objects that comprise the Paradise Found fine erotic jewelry collection in solid 18K gold or Sterling silver (925) .

We do not silver or gold plate.

Slight "imperfections" are normal in handmade jewelry.

All mechanical parts are made in white gold or stainless steel for durability.

All jewelry is delicate and must be handled with care and respect. Avoid dropping or knocking against hard surfaces.

Hairspray and perfume should be applied before putting jewelry on.

Shine your Jewel-Tools with soft polishing cloths. Quality liquid polish may also be used, but abrasive pastes should be avoided, as they may cause micro-scratches that will dull the sheen of highly polished surfaces.

Gold is extremely hygienic and sterling silver is known to have natural antibacterial properties. The objects in the Paradise Found collection that are designed for internal use are therefore easy to clean and disinfect. Unlike objects that are made in porous materials like silicone, latex or rubber, they will not degrade over time.

After each use, wash objects that are intended for intimate contact and/or internal use with antibacterial soap then rinse with plenty of water. Once the Jewel-Tools have dried, polish them using a soft cotton polishing cloth and store them in the provided box or velvet bag; they may also be coated with a sterilizing solution.

As long as they are properly cared for, the Paradise Found Jewel-Tools are guaranteed to provide a lifetime of pleasure!

Do not store more than one Jewel-Tool in each provided velvet bag in order to avoid scratching or denting.