“Erotism is a refined art of living to undress all taboos ”

Paradise Found Collection

The Paradise Found collection is the first fine jewelry range to explore the possibility of adorning one’s body with objects that can also be used for sensual pleasure. Yes, there is more to these designs than meets the eye - they empower the wearer with the distinct virtue to please!

The concept evolved organically from Vernon’s hugely popular Sado-Chic collection launched in 1992.

The Paradise Found collection is a sublime celebration of sexual vitality and honors the gift of pleasure in our lives. As well as subtly sensual jewels that can be enjoyed beyond the boudoir, the collection also features Vernon’s innovative ‘Jewel Tools.’ The jewel tools are transformative objects to be shared and explored intimately.

Each object in the Paradise Found collection is designed to glorify the human instinct to attract and excite, to heighten confidence and sensations - expanding the sexual horizons of those who wear and share them. Through use they become symbolically charged, like portals to higher states of being. Some of their functions are more overt, others are to the wearer’s knowledge only. After all, simply knowing you are wearing an object that can impart great pleasure is empowering in itself.

Paradise Found Fine Erotic Jewels are not sex toys, but rather a sublime response to the later, designed to accompany you and yours on a life long journey into heightened dimensions of sexual pleasure.

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