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Fornasetti Collection

Piero Fornasetti (1913-1986) was one of the last century’s most prolific designers of home interiors, everyday objects and furniture. Ettore Sottsass described his work as “a nostalgic metaphor constructed from an invented world that was intellectually and emotionally designed, a dreamed and metaphysical world… a world created with decorative tatters, torn as if from an explosion that was then collected by Fornasetti and applied to over 11,000 of his works.” Architect Gio Ponti considered him a “capricious master of metaphysical decorations and a magician of trompe l’oeil, an Italian like one of the ancients, a De Chirico of interior design.”

Betony’s Talisman collection comprises a series that is dedicated specifically to the creative matrix and style of Piero Fornasetti. The jewelry is handcrafted in Italy by master goldsmiths in sterling silver or 18-karat gold.