“To give yourself without complex in the exercise of pleasure ”

Talisman collection

Conceived to be worn as wearable Temples, the Talisman collection channels religious symbols from around the world, as well as philosophical, spiritual, erotic, alchemical and astrological iconography.

Handcrafted in 925-sterling silver or 18-karat gold, the porcelain miniatures that embellish the Talisman collection often reveal the phenomenon of symbolic similarity between cultures past and present. The collection was launched by Barneys New York in 1995 and evolved into a repertoire of over 300 different symbolic images.

A symbol empowers those who believe, and here are some words from a few believers:

“I have projected so much positive energy into my personal Buddha, I wear it almost everyday. It reminds me of the importance of moderation when the going gets tough.” M. Yamamoto, Tokyo.

“I have collected BV Talisman jewels for years. I wear my guardian angel when I am feeling a little vulnerable, my Greek Venus worshipers when I am in the mood for love, and my ladder of spiritual union when I am trying to make a major change for the better in life…But I wear my “rose in hand” pendant every day.” Hélène, Paris

“It’s almost inevitable, the first time I visit a patient they ask me what the symbol on my talisman ring means – it is the silhouette of a deer with a red cross on its forehead. It symbolizes love and care for the body. It has a way of helping patients to feel instantly more at ease!” Dr. J.G., New York.