The jewels acquired from a Betony Vernon representative are sold directly by BV-Paradise SASU in collaboration with SemAr Srl, the exclusive Italian producer of all BV Jewelry designs.

The offer and sale of erotic jewelry on our website are governed by these Terms of Sale. The jewels acquired on the site are sold directly by BV-Paradise SASU in collaboration with SemAr Srl, the exclusive Italian producer of all BV Jewelry designs.

BV-Paradise is registered with the Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce de Paris n. RCS 812 503 001 N. Gestion 2015B14726, N. deposit 2015R064851, VAT (TVA) FR89812503001, incorporated in France, 39 Rue Saint Antoine – 75004 – Paris
SemAr Srl is registered with the Register of Companies of Arezzo No. 9442 / AR – R.E.A. n. 88397 / AR, VAT and tax code no. 01179040512, registered office in Italy, Loc. Badia al Pino – Civitella in Val di Chiana, Via Pescaiola, 21-52100 – Arezzo

You can ask any question to BV-Paradise through our You will find detailed information in relation to orders, shipments, refunds, and returning jewelry here.

1. How to Execute a Contract

To conclude the purchase of one or more Betony Vernon jewels from BV- Paradise you must contact a Betony Vernon representative, through filling out the CONTACT FORM and sending it to BV-Paradise electronically. We will then contact you with a selected Catalogue of what is currently in Production.

A BV representative will then assist you to place your order. A 100% payment is required to secure your order. The contract, BV-Paradise will send you by e-mail, a purchase receipt containing a summary of the information contained in the form: information on the essential characteristics of the product and detailed indication of price, terms of payment, Your eventual withdrawal and delivery costs.

2. Guarantees and indication of product prices only offers Betony Vernon designs for sale. All Jewelry designs are handmade in Italy by SemAr Srl in exclusive for the Betony Vernon brand. BV – Paradise does not sell used jewelry or products that are irregular or inferior to the corresponding offer on the market. The essential characteristics of the jewels are presented on product descriptions. The prices of the jewelry may be subject to change. Review the sale price before sending the relevant order form. The purchase requests from countries included in the OFAC sanctioned countries displayed on Customer Service may not be accepted by BV-Paradise. Each jewel has an identification tag and certificate of guarantee. Do not lose the identification tag or the certificate of guarantee. In the case that BV-Paradise exercises your right of withdrawal, we may not accept the jewels returned if the corresponding identification tag and the certificate of guarantee is missing, or if they are modified from their original status or they have been damaged.

3. Payments

We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express. You may also use PayPal.

4. Shipping and delivery of products

For a specific mode of shipment and delivery of the jewels go to the Shipping section. Please pay attention to the details in this section. The information contained within is an integral and essential part of these General Terms and therefore considered to be completely understood and accepted at the time of transmission of your order.

5. Customer Support

You can ask any question for which you do not find the answer in the BV-Paradise Customer Service by contacting us at the following address: For any clarification or any complaint you can contact BV-Paradise by mail at the same address:

6. Returns

You have the right to terminate this contract with BV-Paradise without penalty, but you will need to specify the reason within 8 days from the day of receipt of the product. In this case, you must return the jewels BV-Paradise delivering them to the carrier within fourteen (14) days from the day you have received the products. The only expenses that you will incur are those of the return shipment of the jewelry purchased in the case you opt to use a carrier other than the carrier indicated by BV- Paradise on the return form. If instead, you decide to use the shipping method we indicate on the return form, the entire cost of returning the jewels to BV-Paradise will be at our expense. The right of withdrawal in addition to compliance with the terms and conditions described in this article is exercised if the following conditions are satisfied:

a ) The RMA return form must be properly completed and transmitted to BV Paradise within 8 days of receipt of goods
b ) The jewelry must not be used, worn or damaged;
c ) The identification tag must be returned together with the jewels and the certificate of guarantee;
d ) The jewelry must be returned intact and unused in their packaging;
e ) The jewelry made must be sent to BV-Paradise C / SemAr Srl in one shipment, BV-Paradise reserves the right not to accept jewelry from the same order returned and delivered at different times;
f ) The jewelry must be delivered to the carrier within 14 days from the date you received the products.

If the right of withdrawal is exercised in the manner and time limits specified in this Article, BV-Paradise would refund the amounts paid for the purchase of products, net of shipping costs for the delivery of jewelry purchased. BV-Paradise will return, in addition to sums paid for the purchase of the products, also the sum for the shipment to the delivery of the purchased jewels, only in the case where the return is made for reasons attributable to BV-Paradise, as in the case in which the jewelry does not possess the essential characteristics promised by BV-Paradise, in the case of factory defects or errors in the delivery of the same. The money will be reimbursed as soon as possible and in any event within thirty (30) days from the date of BV-Paradise became aware of your right of withdrawal, we will activate the refund procedure, once the correctness of the terms and conditions mentioned above, as indicated in the following paragraph 7. If you do not comply with the procedures and terms for the exercise of your right of withdrawal as specified in this paragraph 6, you will not be entitled to reimbursement of the amounts paid to BV-Paradise, however you can get back at your own expense the jewels in the state in which they were returned to BV-Paradise. Otherwise BV-Paradise will keep the products in addition to sums already paid for their purchase.

7. Timing and procedures for reimbursement

After returning products, BV-Paradise provides the necessary investigations related to compliance with the same conditions and time limits specified in paragraph 6. If the necessary investigations are successfully concluded, BV-Paradise will contact you by e-mail to confirm the acceptance of the RMA for the jewelry returned. Whatever the mode of payment you used, the refund will be effected within 30 days from the date on which BV-Paradise became aware of the proper implementation of your right of withdrawal and accepted the jewelry returned. If the recipient of the jewels shown in the model of order and the person who made the payment of sums due for their purchase does not correspond, the amount paid, in the case that the right of withdrawal is accepted by BV-Paradise, will be refunded to the person who made the purchase payment, not to the recipient of purchase. The value date of the crediting shall be the same; consequently, there will be no loss in terms of bank interest. For purchases made by PayPal, the refund is fully paid into your PayPal account from the moment BV-Paradise accepts your return. The reimbursement made with the credit card from your PayPal account depends on the company credit card but normally takes place within 30 days.

BV-Paradise indicates the following courier for returning the jewelry:

Arezzo Sped Srl
VAT IT01367830518
REA AR10081
Cap. Soc. 30.000,00 i.v.

You can return the goods to BV-Paradise c/o SemAr using the Return Authorization Number (RMA) transmitted to you by a BV representative. If you decide to use to return the jewelry a carrier other than the one indicated by BV-Paradise, will be charged to shipping costs, including liability in case of loss or damage to products.

8. Privacy

You will find information on how we process your personal data by accessing the Privacy Policy.

9. Amendments and updates

The General Conditions of Sale may be amended from time to time in relation to possible regulatory changes.

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