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Ben Wa ø21mm
Ben Wa ø21mmBen Wa ø21mm

Ben Wa ø21mm

Inspired by the ancient Chinese instruments of desire that also give them their name, the Paradise Found Ben Wa Balls are designed to provide rolling vibrations and exquisite sensations of vaginal fullness and depth.

Ben Wa Balls enhance the pleasures of female masturbation as well as the mutual joys of penetration.They can also be used to increment the positive effects of Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises entail the conscious and controlled flexing of the muscles that support the female sex organs. They promote genital health as well as a woman’s capacity to attain deeper degrees of sexual satisfaction.

Men can attain similar benefits through the practice of similar exercises, but the Paradise Found Ben Wa Balls are designed specifically for vaginal insertion alone. Never insert Ben Wa Balls into the anus!

To remove the Ben Wa Balls, use your middle finger to coax them downwards, and out of the body.

During penetration, the Ben Wa are likely to be pushed deep inside the vagina. Their removal will be facilitated if you assume a squat position.  Otherwise, simply put on a pair of panties and carry on with your day, or your night.  They will gradually descend and you will be able to retrieve them with ease. Wash with anti-bacterial soap before and after each use.

Collectors often ask Betony if Ben Wa Balls risk disappearing inside the body. The answer is “NO- definitely not!”

Over the centuries, and unfortunately still today, the materials used to fabricate Ben Wa Balls are not always safe for internal use.

If is for this reason that Betony uses Sterling silver and 18Karat yellow or rose gold to create the Paradise Found Ben Wa.  These noble materials ensure not only your heightened pleasure, but your health as well!

Sterling silver (925)

This jewelry is hand made in Italy. 

Delivery time is 1 - 4 weeks depending on availability. 

See Shipping information for more details.

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