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Sado-Chic Cuff 1 Button
Sado-Chic Cuff 1 ButtonSado-Chic Cuff 1 Button

Sado-Chic Cuff 1 Button

The timeless Sado-Chic signature collection has been appreciated by Paradise Found lovers over the years for its symbolic and aesthetic as well as its functional appeal. The ball-and-ring mechanism serves to put all of the Paradise Found Attachments literally at hand’s reach and ready for action. Take for example the Ostrich Feather Tickler found under “Get Attached” and “Jewel Tools”. 

The Sado-Chic Cuff can be embellished with diamonds, sapphires or rubies on request. 

Sterling silver (925)

Breadth of the sterling silver sheet 20mm - 0,78inches

Piercing ring ø 9mm - 0,35inches

This jewelry is hand made in Italy. 

Delivery time is 1- 4 weeks depending on availability. 

See Shipping information for more details.

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