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String of Pearls Massage Ring
String of Pearls Massage RingString of Pearls Massage RingString of Pearls Massage Ring

String of Pearls Massage Ring

The String of Pearls Massage Ring is a Paradise Found classic. It may be worn by day and by night, from the office to a cocktail party. Its luminous beauty is not only intended to make a fashion statement. While its sensual powers would never be suspected, those who are in the know, prize it for bringing a new and luxurious dimension to intimate massage. Designed to please both men and women, it should be worn on the middle finger of your most able hand. When its time to touch, the pearls should be turned towards the palm of the hand.

The use of lubricant will help the pearls to glide effortlessly over the delicate skin of the genitals.

Sterling silver (925)

Cultured Quality pearls

Check the version with black pearls below

This jewelry is hand made in Italy. 

Delivery time is 1 - 4 weeks depending on availability. 

See Shipping information for more details.

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