Eden Appointment Questionnaire

To book your appointment please fill out the below questionnaire. 

New BV Private Clients will be requested a once-off appointment fee of 500 Euros.

You will be personally received by Betony Vernon and her team.

Contact Information

BV Private Client Benefits

  • BV Private Clients will receive a private access code that grants entry to the reserved area of the betonyvernon.com web site
  • BV Private Clients are granted entrance to Eden, the exclusive Atelier located in a 17th century building in the heart of Paris, by appointment only
  • BV Private Clients have access to Special Editions designed by Betony Vernon, including the Boudoir Box as well as other exclusive Paradise Found Fine Erotic Jewels & Jewel-Tools
  • BV Private Clients may place commissions for bespoke designs
  • BV Private Clients may discover the works of selected artists that collaborate on the Paradise Found Project
  • BV Private Clients are granted priority access to international Paradise Found events and “Bettering Your Sexual Skills Salons”, when available

Terms & Conditions

  • BV Private Clients must not share their personal access code with others
  • BV Private Client status is not transferable. Abuse of this policy will result in revoked BV Private Client status
  • When booking an appointment BV Private Clients must inform if they intend to be accompanied and provide information regarding their guest
  • Cameras and any other audio-visual devices are not permitted in Eden
  • Entry to Eden is admitted to only 2 people per appointment, unless agreed in advance
  • Paradise Found is based on a strict policy of privacy, discretion and confidentiality; your personal information will not be used in any way, shape or form if not in direct relation to you, as a BV Private Client