"Nothing reveals the functionality of the objects Betony Vernon designs. Yet, her works are at the service of the body, exacerbated, loved. The tassel attached to her iconic Sado-Chic bracelet caresses, the balls on her favorite Double Sphere ring massage. Betony Vernon is invested in the field of erotic and sensual doing. The development of her work is multidisciplinary, spanning sessions of practical teaching and curative sharing, the writing of her book The Boudoir Bible currently translated in 7 languages and the design of sublime objects - jewels, sculpture, furniture, objets d’art - as well as happenings. The most recent public happening was in Paris in 2017 at the Museum of Modern Art. Through this wide fan of mediums, non of which abstract the human body, Betony Vernon signs an aesthetic of wellness, a sophisticated interaction to the other and above all, to oneself.” Michele Heuze - 2017

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