Betony’s interior designs are often described as theatre stages or Boudoirs. She orchestrates space with a dramatic twist, punctuated by the often surprising juxtaposition of exquisite materials. Fine textiles, sculpted wood, leather, marble, ceramic, fur, mirrors, crystal and luxury hardware are the heartbeats of her interior design expression. Here in these rooms "where the senses are stroked and day, if one so desires, becomes night,” we rediscover her passion for craftsmanship and her obsession with detail.

One-of-a-kind objects, hand woven carpets and custom-made furniture, whether designed by Betony herself or carefully chosen from a select list of her favorite designers, all contribute to the realization of her goal - to create an alternative universe that removes the inhabitants of these intimate ambients far away from the real world. Like her jewelry, furniture and product design Betony’s interiors are multifunctional, sensual and transformational. They poetically oblige us to rediscover and partake in the power and potential of ritual. Realized in collaboration with Barnaba Fornasetti, her first interior project was the Fornasetti Museum House in Milan (1998 - 2001).

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