The Theta Frequency Rig is the result of over 20 years of research on the effects of constraint and partial or total suspension of the human body. The Theta Frequency Rig is a collapsible structure in blackened steel and brass that allows Betony to perform her bodyworks beyond her dedicated atelier in Paris.

The Theta Frequency Rig measures approximately 3 x 2.5 x 2 meters. The free standing structure supports 11 leather “slings” that are attached to the structure via bronze pivots that terminate with a brass ring. The leather slings permit for the partial or total suspension of the body at approximately 1,30 meters from the ground. At this height, Betony remains in contact with the subject and guides them verbally and physically into the Theta state.

The subject is free to move inside the slings until they find, with Betony’s assistance, the most comfortable position. Once the full horizontal position is attained, the subject’s mind automatically becomes increasingly calm and their body relaxed. This normally occurs within 2- 3 minutes of being suspended in the Theta Frequency Rig. During this phase, the organs re-position themselves inside the body and now, unconstricted by bones and muscles at work, they begin to “float”, much like the organs of an unborn child inside the mothers womb. The function of every organ is enhanced during the Theta Frequency Session. As the subject adapts to the changes that are taking place in their mind and body, they gradually abandon themselves and “let go”, both physically and mentally. As the state of abandonment advances, the heartbeat slows radically and the subject’s brain emits what is known as the Theta brain wave frequency.

Brain wave frequencies are the electrical impulses that are produced as our brain cells communicate with each other. They are measured, as are all forms of electricity, in Hertz. The brain fires these electrical signals day and night and they form what neuroscientists call brain wave patterns. These unique brain patterns are registered with Electroencephalography (EEG) in medical facilities. The various brain wave patterns are defined by our thoughts, moods, emotions, biological chemistry, etc. and they are essentially connected to everything that we do and are! When we are in a normal waking state, the brain oscillates between what are know as the Alpha and Beta brain wave frequencies. The Theta frequency is emitted by the brain when the mind is calm and the body relaxed. The Theta frequency is registered before subjects fall asleep, or in the initial stages of waking. It is also registered during hypnosis, deep meditation, yoga, trance and none other than the orgasm itself. When the Theta brain wave frequency is emitted, the brain essentially takes a break, even though the body may be in action, for example in the case of yoga or orgasm.

The Theta brain wave state has been described as otherworldly. It can generate flashes of creative visualization and vivid imagery, the sensation of floating, and the impression that our body boundaries melt away. The emission of the Theta brain wave frequency instills a trance like state that imbues the subject with a sense of wellness, awareness and calm. Betony’s subjects also correlate the after effects of the Theta Frequency Sessions with heightened insight and intuition, enhanced creativity and a greater sense of openness and connection to other people. During the Theta Frequency Session Betony aims to induce all of the benefits mentioned above, as well as to therapeutically tap into the subconscious of her subjects.

During the Session, the Theta brain wave frequency emission is induced in only a matter of minutes. Anyone taking part in the related intervention will also vicariously benefit from the positive effects of the session.

Video by Yasmin Gross