The Mantra Kit

A short film directed by Frederic Sofiyana, for the lauch of THE BOUDOIR BIBLE by Betony Vernon

The Mantra Kit

A short film directed by Frederic Sofiyana, for the lauch of THE BOUDOIR BIBLE by Betony Vernon

The Mantra Kit

A short film directed by Frederic Sofiyana, for the lauch of THE BOUDOIR BIBLE by Betony Vernon

Betony Vernon Wellness Salons Online 

Betony Vernon has been teaching sensual wellness salons for individuals, couples and groups in Paris and abroad since the turn of the century. Her book The Boudoir Bible is fruit of her transformative teachings. 

Betony Vernon is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, specialized in the management and eradication of anxiety, stress, phobias, depression, addiction and insomnia as well as the detrimental effects of sex-related abuse, trauma and taboo. 

The social restrictions imposed by COVID-19 prompted Vernon to develop her exclusive therapeutic sessions online. She is currently available for video talk therapy with individuals and couples at the special rates listed below:

COVID 3 Sessions Pack : 1’000 €

To book online consultations with Betony Vernon please send a mail to stating the ideal time and date for your first session.

We will do our best to accommodate you accordingly, and in the shortest delay possible. 


Considering that most of the world is now affected by the Corona Virus Pandemic, it is very likely that you  have already witnessed or experienced first hand the negative effects of long term confinement, isolation and sensual deprivation on the  body mind and soul. Like most of us, and especially if you are isolated alone, you are probably  also longing for physical contact. This is totally normal and to be expected because humans are neurologically hard wired to touch each other. We depend on physical contact to communicate properly as well as  to feel emotionally balanced. The sense of touch is to survival what cuddling, hugging and of course love making are to happiness and a life well-lived. 

Sensual deprivation on the other hand can generate dangerous negative emotions like anxiety, loneliness and frustration. 

It is with these negative side effects of the virus prevention protocol in mind that Betony created the following audio experience for you and any one in your entourage who may be suffering from sensual deprivation or intimate isolation.  

Heart to Heart was recorded by Betony at her home in Paris, where she in lockdown mode since March 17.


We talk all things sexual wellness with Betony Vernon, a paris-based erotic jewelry designer, anthropologist, author, and visionary whose goal is to “Dismantle the pleasure taboo”. Her book “The Boudoir Bible” is a sex-positive guide to the new sexual landscape, covering erotic topics such as bondage, role playing, sex toys and new erogenous zones. You can also on SPOTIFY & ITUNES.

sarah maxwell illustrates the mantra

Discover BV’s latest collaboration with London based artist Sarah Maxwell. Her work ranges from fashion illustration to animated GIFs and comics. Sarah often depicts scene’s of intimacy and love between women. She illustrated the Mantra Kit in a powerful self-love ritual.

The Mantra bracelet & collier are designed to help make your dreams come to fruition. The act of writing down your desires is proven to reinforce the likelihood of their manifestation. Imagine what happens if you keep them close to your heart!

The Mantra Kit can be worn separately or linked together to create a variety of combinations. Each jewel is accompanied with a miniature booklet composed of 50 tear-off sheets for your personal mantras.

Roll your wish up, slide it into the mantra pendant and
…be mindful of what you wish for!


Because your worth it, Betony Vernon on Karley Scortino’s slutever “Luxury Sex” with her friends Dita Von Teese & Douglas Little for Viceland / HBO. Slutever is a tv series, hosted by VICELAND & HBO, that explores sexuality, relationships, pro-sex feminism, BDSM, sex work, sex parties, and a bunch of other slutty stuff, as told from the front lines.

Karley Sciortino is a writer, host, and producer, based in New York. She founded this lovely website! She also writes’s sex and relationships column, Breathless. Karley is the author of the upcoming book Slutever: Dispatches from an Autonomous Woman in a Post Shame World (Grand Central Publishing, Feb 2018), and executive producer and host of Slutever, a documentary series on Viceland. She is also a regular contributor to Purple.


Betony is available to speak on the themes of erotic design, sensual empowerment and sexual well-being for related conferences, organizations, television and radio programming internationally. She has conducted workshops and seminars for cultural institutions such as the European Institute of Design, Domus Academy, the Museum of Modern Art (Paris) and Polimoda,  under the auspices of futurist Lidewij Edelkoort. 

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Human sexual behavior is the primary point of departure for all of my work, no matter the medium. My mission is to empower women & men to experience and share greater pleasure. – Betony Vernon