“The Boudoir Bible celebrates what it means to be human: appreciate our bodies, nurture our souls, and love transcendentally. Don’t miss out on this ticket to Paradise!” – Elle Macpherson


Betony Vernon has been invested in the field of sensual intelligence since 1992. Her personalized sessions are happenings in themselves. The development of her pioneering work is multidisciplinary, spanning in sexology,  therapeutic and  practical teachings, clinical hypnotherapy and  curative sharing. Through a wide range of techniques, none of which abstract the human body, Vernon distills the BV Method, hinged on intimacy, wellness, uninhibited aesthetics and the dismantling of socio-cultural boundaries and taboos. Her body/mind work  results in more enlightened interactions with the other and above all with oneself.

In 2017, she exported one of her most groundbreaking one-to-one experiences to the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris. Public or private, her Theta Frequency Sessions induce a deep and restorative hypnotic state that results in what her subjects have described as “breaking through”.

After 14 years of working in Paris, Betony is now preparing to open doors to a new experiential space in Italy. By fall 2023, she will offer private appointments in an astounding historical setting surrounded by Mother Nature.

Virtual Salons 

Betony Vernon has been teaching sensual wellness salons for individuals, couples and groups internationally since the turn of the century. Her book The Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today is fruit of her transformative teachings. 

Betony Vernon is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, specialized in the management and eradication of anxiety, stress, phobias, depression, as well as the detrimental effects of sex-related abuse, trauma and taboo. 

The social restrictions imposed by COVID-19 prompted Vernon to develop her exclusive therapeutic sessions online. She is currently available for video talk therapy with individuals and couples.

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Betony is available to speak on the themes of erotic design, sensual empowerment and sexual well-being for related conferences, organizations, television and radio programming internationally. She has conducted workshops and seminars for cultural institutions such as the European Institute of Design, Domus Academy, the Museum of Modern Art (Paris) and Polimoda,  under the auspices of futurist Lidewij Edelkoort. 

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Human sexual behavior is the primary point of departure for all of my work, no matter the medium. My mission is to empower women & men to experience and share greater pleasure. – Betony Vernon